19 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

19 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

November 11, 2019 0 By
A layer of toasted, spiced pumpkin seeds

“Super easy.” “Quite addictive.” “Divine.” That’s what folks are saying about these surprisingly seductive spiced pepitas.

Sheet pan lined with parchment and sliced maple roasted parsnips

Just three ingredients–parsnips, maple syrup, and olive oil. And it’s so easy. Just slice, toss, roast, and be reminded just how nice simple tastes.

A rimmed baking sheet filled with crispy baked kale chips.

Potato chip fiends, stop your scoffing. We double-dog dare you to make a batch and stop at just one.

A plate of roasted Brussels sprouts with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar splashing down on it

“They will make converts of Brussels sprouts haters and Brussels sprouts lovers will scarf them down like candy!” That’s what we’re hearing about these lovely little crucifers. We couldn’t agree more.

A serving platter piled with green beans and sprinkled with gremolata. A small dish of gremolata sits beside the serving plate.

An easy way to gussy up green beans and make them seem fancy without being fussy.

Roasted bias-cut carrots on a rimmed sheet pan

Sweet. Spicy. Earthy. And a touch puckery. When did anything–or anyone–at your table boast such character? Certain to compensate for your duller dinner invitees.

Florets of spicy roasted cauliflower on a baking sheet with squeezed lime wedges and a bowl of green sauce beside them.

So good even a non-cauliflower-eater will change his or her mind. That’s what folks are saying about this recipe.

Two roasted acorn squash halves drizzled with maple syrup on a white plate on stone

This oh-so-easy riff on a cool weather classic is quite a lot like eating candy at the dinner table. Hear that, kids?

Pieces of broken cashew brittle with a hammer lying beside them.

How fortunate that all it takes to bring some sweetness and loveliness into one’s life is sugar, cashews, and a little patience.

A metal baking dish with two baked apples in it, each apple topped with almonds and currants

Simple to make, spectacularly delicious, stuffed with good-for-you ingredients, even vegan—although you’d never guess that from the indulgent taste.

A wooden bowl with butternut squash and whole grain salad with a bowl of chopped parsley on the side and two glasses.

Roast butternut squash. Nutty whole grains, like freekeh. Fragrant fall spices. Bitter radicchio. Sweet dates. Our sorta salad.

A white gravy boat filled with sweet and spicy cranberry relish with a halved lime and juicer in the background.

Made in minutes from just five ingredients, this cranberry relish belongs in your weeknight repertoire and not just on your Thanksgiving table. Did we mention it freezes beautifully?

A metal ice cream scoop with a scoop of concord grape granita in it.

You’re not going to believe how easy it is to create this tartly sweet grape granita. Really. You wanna make a bet?

Two blue plates with red wine poached pears and a drizzle of sauce over them.

A stunning—and stunningly simple—dessert made from booze and fruit and sugar and not a lot else.

A white oval serving dish filled with pickled carrots.

Perhaps the quickest pickles ever, these tongue-tinglingly tangy specimens come together in minutes. Bet you can’t eat just one.

A pewter platter with chunky red apple cranberry sauce with a serving spoon

We’re not quite certain which title is more apt—apple cranberry sauce or cranberry applesauce. But then, we’re not so into titles or labels. We’re simply into taste. Whatever you call this, there’s no denying, it tastes lovely.

Three jars of slow cooker apple pear sauce on a white tray

Applesauce gone to finishing school. That’s how we think of this apple pear sauce sweetened with maple syrup and seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg. Stovetop or slow cooker friendly.

A whisk attachment and a wooden bowl filled with coconut whipped cream.

Knowing how to make coconut whipped cream is a lovely and satisfyingly fluffy paleo trick that we think everyone can get behind.

A white earthenware bowl of sweet potato soup with coconut milk drizzled over the top.

Easy, healthy, vegan, paleo. But more importantly, it’s so incredibly complex, rich, and velvety smooth you’ll go wobbly in the knees. And so simple you may just make it a weeknight staple.