29 Fall Desserts Recipes

29 Fall Desserts Recipes

November 11, 2019 0 By
A baked hot buttered rum apple pie on a wooden board.

An unconventional approach to apple pie that happily involves booze and lotsa butter. Even more memorable as the classic.

A round flourless almond cake on a wooden baking paddle with almonds scattered around it

A French classic crisp and crunchy on the outside, dense and chewy on the inside, and gluten-free through and through. Perfect for Passover.

A chocolate glazed chocolate bundt cake sitting atop a white cake stand with a dish of glaze on the side

Does the true beauty of this cake lie in its stunning silhouette? Its intensely chocolatey chocolatiness? Or its lazy-day ease? You tell us.

Three pieces of vegan baklava stacked on top of each other.

Okay. We have a confession. This baklava is not the classic Greek ideal. Not at all. But that doesn’t seem to be stopping it from disappearing.

A round tart filled with cooked sliced apples in a concentric pattern

If you took a look at this stunning tart and thought, “I can’t possibly do that!” think again. We suspect you can.

An espresso cake drizzled with glaze on a wire rack that is set on a pice of parchment to catch any glaze drips.

This simple yet spectacular riff on coffee cake—there’s actually coffee in the cake—is rich and robust and rousing in that way only espresso can be.

A pumpkin cake with maple-cream cheese frosting on a teal cake stand.

Somewhat akin to a spice cake, this uber autumnal dessert takes a lovely autumnal lilt from pumpkin purée in the batter, maple syrup in the frosting.

A Kentucky bourbon cake on a silver platter with a silver cake lifter and a stack of white plates beside it.

This Southern classic is much like a pound cake given its decadent amount of butter and moist, tender, perfect crumb. But oh, baby, wait’ll you taste the bourbon glaze.

A partially cut St. Phanourios cake on a wooden slab on a wooden chair.

Bake this cake in honor of Phanourious, the patron saint of lost objects, and you just might find something you never knew was missing.

Five pear turnovers on a piece of parchment in a rimmed baking sheet.

“Much more sophisticated than the turnovers from my childhood.” “Very subtly sweet.” That’s what folks are saying.

A coconut carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut on the sides on a glass cake platter with a glass domed lid.

Lighter, more delicate, some may even say more sophisticated, and we dare say better than any other carrot cake you’ve ever had. No pineapple. No raisins. No complaints.

A pear almond tart in a rectangular tart pan on a wooden board.

French. Foolproof. Froufrou. Fuss-free. Fenomenal. (Work with us.) Rarely does elegance come together with such ease (and alliteration) as this tart recipe.

A pear tart with blue cheese and honey finished with sliced almonds.

This lovely melding of cheese course and last course becomes even lovelier with a generous pour of port.

A nine layer butterscotch cake with one slice being removed from it.

What’s with the thankfulness, you ask? For starters, this sleek, sophisticated, tender-crumbed cake smothered in butterscotch and stacked to the heavens.

A frosted apple cake on a sheet of wax paper that has been cut into 12 squares with a knife resting beside.

A lightly spiced cake with chunks of tender apple that’s smothered in what folks are calling the perfect cream cheese frosting. Sigh.

Glass bowl filled with pecan pie bread pudding, caramel sauce, bourbon-vanilla ice cream on a marble table

This Southern melding of pie and pudding is obscenely, ridiculously rich. Oh, Lord, just take us now.

Three caramel pear tarts on a wooden board.

Nothing says sassy like swapping pears for apples in the classic French tarte tatin. What can we say? We like to live on the edge.

A slab of pumpkin seven layer bars cut into ten pieces on a wooden board.

We’d be happy to tuck into these layers of messy goodness any time, any place. Thanksgiving or July 4th, makes no difference.

A maple parsnip cake with mascarpone frosting between the layers on a grey plate.

Though not quite as sweet as everyone’s beloved carrot cake, this unpretentious parsnip version never fails to wow.

Seven rosemary apple hand tarts on a sheet of parchment.

This rosemary apple hand tarts recipe makes individual apple pies that are simple, subtly flavored, and sophisticated. Even better, you don’t have to share yours. Not with anyone.

A spiced nut cake resting on an upside-down cake pan with a strip of parchment half removed from the edges of the cake.

All the flavor of traditional pain d’épices, none of the gluten. This super simple cake certainly has some je ne sais quoi.

A tarte tatin on a piece of parchment paper resting on a black plate.

A tarte Tatin is nothing more than a tart turned upside down, nothing less than pastry perfection. Its name is French for “caramely apple goodness atop a buttery crust.”

A partially frosted three-layer walnut torte on a vintage cake stand with a bowl of whipped cream and a knife beside it.

Want oohs and aahs at the table? Here’s your answer. Three layers of impossibly light and airy walnut cake. You’re welcome.

A whole cooked maple buttermilk pie in a glass pie dish.

“Silky.” “Creamy.” “Tangy.” “Sweet.” That’s what folks are saying about this pie that tastes like poor man’s cheesecake.

Half of a molasses spice cake on a silver platter with a serrated knife lying beside it.

This molasses spice cake recipe is made with cinnamon, ginger, mustard, candied orange peel, and a sweet syrup glaze.

A square white baking dish filled with maple walnut squares that have been cut into 9 pieces with one missing and a knife resting in its place.

“Intensely maple-y.” “Amazing.“ “Much easier than making pie.” “A recipe I’ll make again and again.” That’s what folks are saying about these spectacularly sweet and gooey maple walnut bars.

A cut root beer cake on a pewter platter with a slice on a decorative plate in front.

This fetching cake contains sugar and spice and everything nice, yes, but it also has its share of sass. As in, sassafras.

A white bowl with wine dripping down the side topped with a white plate and a bottle of whiskey.

An autumnal take on classic summer pudding that melds booze and berries and apples and plums to really quite lovely effect.

A whole peeled pear in an opened piece of parchment with star anise and cardamom in a blue baking dish.

Infused with spice, suffused with booze, and wrapped oh so neatly, this last course makes quite the lovely gift for guests to unwrap.