50 Keto Recipes

50 Keto Recipes

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Black pottery bowl filled with the Chinese dish gung bao chicken

Er, what’s the deal between Gung Bao and Kung Pao chicken? One is a centuries old tradition. The other is an Americanized riff. Guess which one this is.

A cooked pork loin roast, tied and salted, set on a wire rack in a baking sheet

Just like what your grandma would put on the table for Sunday night supper. (Don’t you love how food instantly transports you across time and space?)

Blue pot of chunks of pork, authentic carnitas, with a bay leaf and wooden spoon on top

This Mexican carnitas recipe is authentic braised and fried pork that makes for conversation-stopping, fall-apart-tender awesomeness.

Smoked Pork Butt

This smoked pork shoulder with its simple and soulful dry rub and foolproof instructions mean no more standing in line ever again for takeout ‘cue. Here’s how to make it at home.

A white tray with slices of perfect baked bacon.

A ridiculously easy way to cook bacon for a crowd. No fuss. No standing at the stovetop. No spatters.

A cast-iron skillet with four cooked chicken apple sausages inside.

Seriously, it’s so easy to make your own sausage. Insanely easy. And holy heck, does it taste phenomenal. No meat grinder required.

Cubes of pork belly confit on a white serving platter.

You’ve not truly lived until you’ve had pork belly prepared this way. Perhaps it’s time you get a life….

Pickling liquid being poured into a full jar of pickled jalapeno peppers.

These Korean-style jalapenos that take a dunk in soy sauce and soda are perhaps not pickled in the traditional American sense, but pickled nonetheless. Wait’ll you taste ’em.

A large coil of Italian sausage and broccoli rabe in an oval skillet.

Barely a recipe, this weeknight salvation is more like a simple blueprint for eating in season. Amen to that.

A skillet with browned chicken pieces cooked with mustard, wine, and thyme

With this recipe, you can assure anyone who asks “Parlez-vous poulet?” that yes, in fact, you do. Quite fluently.

A perfectly roasted beef tenderloin with Madeira sauce on the side ion a copper pot

This eminently reliable, no-fuss recipe doesn’t ambush you with carving trickery. It’s just a simple, supple roast beef tenderloin napped with a slightly boozy but goof-proof sauce.

Two seared duck breasts, one sliced, the other whole on a wood cutting board

An elegant and easy riff on steak au poivre that’s made with duck breast rubbed with garlic and peppercorns and cooked to a magnificently rosy medium-rare.

A canning jar filled with golden brown beef broth

Remember the good old days when “bone broth” was simply called “beef stock”? Sigh. Whatever you call it, it’s still simple to make. And still spectacular to taste.

A glass of cold brew coffee with a French press and jar of cream in the background.

The perfect cold brew coffee relies on exactly the right ratio of coffee grounds to water. And just a little patience. We can help you with the former.

Two glasses of bacon bourbon with strips of cooked bacon in each glass and a bottle of bourbon in the background.

Bacon. Bourbon. Boom. The smokiness of cured pork lends its subtle loveliness to the South’s smoothest booze.

A skillet with three pieces of pan fried fish and lemon slices

Pan fried fish has never been as easy or as enticing as these perfectly cooked fillets with crisp skin. Easy and on the table in minutes.

A glass full of chimichurri--an Argentine steak sauce--made with vinegar, olive oil, parsley, oregano, garlic, red pepper flakes

Drizzle, douse, souse, or otherwise acquaint this emerald elixir with grilled steak, chicken, chops, seafood, or heck, anything.

A nonstick skillet filled with scrambled eggs topped with chopped chives

Scrambled eggs. They may seem so simple as to defy a recipe. And yet sometimes a precise technique makes all the difference. Here’s how to make the best budget breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight nosh ever.

A Dutch oven filled with a cherry tomato confit of Sun Gold cherry tomatoes, oil, and fresh basil leaves.

This cherry tomato confit is sweet and easy and a lovely way of preserving summer. Here’s how to make it.

An old roasting pan filled with cooked nuggets of chicken skin

If you go weak in the knees at the mere thought of crisp skin on a roast hen, your day just got a heck of a lot better.

A glass jar of single quart sauerkraut with a spoon inside and a two-pronged fork lying beside it.

Know how some bourbon houses offer small batches of prize vintages? We suspect the same sorta thing could happen with this.

A white plate of broccoli rabe with balsamic brown butter being poured on top

Think you don’t like broccoli rabe? Think again. We defy you to try this butter-blasted kin to broccoli and not be converted.

A mug lying on its side in a bin of cajun spice mix

Cayenne. Paprika. Pepper. Chili powder. Remarkable how something so simple can taste so complex.

Roasted asparagus on parchment paper

Think a recipe for roast asparagus isn’t necessary? We thought so, too…until we tried this. Perfect spears, time after time.

A red bowl filled with fire-roasted salsa in the middle of a Mexican feast.

Sweet, smoky, and spicy all at once thanks to charred tomatoes and onions and chipotle in adobo. The quintessential salsa for dunking, dipping, and dabbling.

Four bottles of pepper sherry.

What could be easier than plopping some hot peppers in a bottle of booze, setting it aside for as long as you can resist, and then dribbling it over everything? Exactly.

A pint-sized canning jar filled with garlic confit, sprigs of thyme and rosemary, and a partially separated head of garlic lying beside the jar.

Cloves of garlic are slowly simmered in oil until unthinkably tender, intensely aromatic, subtly sweet, and insanely irresistible.

A bowl of lamb curry, known as laal maas with a silver spoon resting beside it.

“As authentic tasting as any I’ve had at Indian restaurants.” That’s what folks are saying about this lamb curry.

A few Mason jars filled with chicken bone broth.

Easy. Healthy. Paleo. Able to be made in a slow cooker. And, natch, the taste. Just a few things we adore about this chicken stock.

Two spoons with homemade harissa on them on a cracked enamel surface.

In the words of one of our recipe testers, “If this sauce is what Moroccan food is all about, then I’m all in.” Us, too.

Szechuan spice-rubbed pork loin covered with ground Szechuan peppercorns, condiments on the side

For this easy-peasy Weeknight Winner™, a kicky mix of Szechuan pepper, black pepper, and nutmeg is rubbed over a pork butt then all is deliciously roasted.

A bowl of pico de gallo with a spoon resting inside set on a piece of parchment in a rimmed baking tray.

A Mexican staple, this sauce of sorts is essentially fresh salsa that’s named, curiously, for a rooster’s beak.

A perfect roast chicken in a metal roasting pan that is resting on a kitchen towel, with a bunch of herbs beside it.

Brined, salted, chilled, roasted, and pampered, this hen makes weeknight dinner as well as weekend entertaining a feat of ease.

A beer braised lamb shank in a red Dutch oven, and another shank on a surface next to tortillas, sliced avocado, and an open beer.

Because you really can’t go wrong tossing meat in a pot with beer.

Two slabs of bone-in smoked beef ribs.

Indulge your primal human instinct to throw some meat down on fire. [Insert caveman roar of satisfaction here.]

A grey bowl filled with roasted radishes, sprinkled with thyme.

Roasting these rotund little root veggies turns them docile as anything dug out of the ground can be.

Two glasses of lime soda and one glass of angostura orange.

Bored by plain old water? Allow us to introduce you to your solution.

Crispy roasted Brussels sprouts on a rimmed baking sheet.

So tantalizingly crisp at the edges, tender but not mushy at the center, and lovely through and through they’ll haunt you forever. (In a good way.)

A mortar partially filled with herb salt and a pestle and two sprigs of fresh sage leaves lying beside it.

Herb salt is, quite simply, herbs pummeled with salt to create a restaurant worthy condiment. Here’s how to make it along with several incredible uses, whether fancy schmancy or simple.

Beef Short Ribs with Chile Rub

We swoon to short ribs prepared almost any way. But especially when braised with coffee and chiles. That is to say, this way.

A skillet filled with black olives in an infusion of herbs and lemon and orange peel

Easy yet elegant. That’s what we want in a cocktail party nosh. These lovely olives are exactly that and are certain to earn you accolades.

A food processor bowl with riced cauliflower

Yes, we know the difference between cauliflower and rice. But we still like this subtle, sneaky, eat-your-veggies trick.

Two jars of lemon vinaigrette, two lemon halves, and a wire whisk.

Stylish on any salad, this versatile little number is a staple in every discerning cook’s recipe wardrobe.

Four lamb shanks with coffee and ancho chile on a rectangular white plate on a white and grey marble surface.

Smoky coffee smooths out the rough edges of sweetly earthy ancho for a flavor that’s a little atypical but altogether lovely.

A layer of toasted, spiced pumpkin seeds

“Super easy.” “Quite addictive.” “Divine.” That’s what folks are saying about these surprisingly seductive spiced pepitas.

Plate of slices of baked chicken drizzled with cinnamon butter, green salad, and lemon wedge

This understated hen owes its curious lure to a simple, subtle blend of butter and unexpected spice. Appallingly easy and enthrallingly enticing.

A white plate filled with chopped salad, and a fork and knife, halved avocado, and dish of blue cheese, almonds, and apple on the side.

We combine the hallmark ingredients of two classic salads—Cobb and Waldorf—in this simple, satisfying, and we dare say stunning collision of healthy and indulgent.

Six teaspoons - each topped with a dollop of homemade peanut butter.

Make your own homemade peanut butter with ease thanks to a nifty, easy technique. Food processor required.

Dukkha with Eggs

The combination of hard-boiled eggs and dukkah is awesome. And it’s even awesomer in tandem ewith beer.