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A New Horror Film Called “Girl On The Third Floor” Has Been Getting High Praise And I Watched For People Who Cant Do Horror



Greetings, folks. I know normally these reviews are of stuff on Netflix, but this week I’m telling you about a new movie I rented on Amazon called Girl on the Third Floor. I’d seen multiple tweets and reviews insisting it’s a disturbing, unique horror flick. After I watched the trailer, I was certain I had to check it out. Here, watch for yourself:

View this video on YouTube

Here’s how Amazon describes the movie:


“Don Koch tries to renovate a house with a sordid history for his growing family, only to learn that the house has other plans.”

Let me tell you, it was one of the STRANGEST things I’ve ever watched and I don’t know how I’m going to explain it, but here we go!

We start by meeting Don Koch, who is renovating his new house.

Don is with his beautiful dog, Cooper. All I know is that Cooper needs to go unharmed for the next hour and 30 minutes.

Early on, nothing scary happens but the house itself is DISGUSTING. Here’s one example: There’s a puddle of some unknown goo, a condom, and a bunch of dead flies on the floor in one room. For some reason, Don cleans it with a towel and HIS BARE HANDS.

Dark Sky Films


We meet someone who lives near Don named Ellie. She comes over unannounced (A TRULY SCARY CONCEPT) and offers him bourbon and friendly conversation.

We also meet Don’s wife, Liz, who is pregnant and away while he fixes up the house. They talk over a video-chat. She seems very sweet. Still nothing spooky here.

FIRST SCARY MOMENT OF THE MOVIE ALERT: Around 16 minutes in, a figure can be seen walking behind Don. I think it was effective horror, because I said “nope” out loud.

MORE GROSS HAPPENINGS: While Don is trying to work on a sink pipe, a bunch of brown stuff shoots out onto him.

Dark Sky Films


The House: 2

Don: 0

Don spots this woman outside of his house and they briefly greet each other. Methinks she’s the girl on the third floor who this movie’s title is referring to.

Dark Sky Films

I may have missed the part where she says her name, but according to IMDB it’s Sarah.

Ah yes, even MORE GROSSNESS. Don goes to take a shower and it shoots out this goop that looks like…something.

Dark Sky Films

I respect Don’s determination, but how many strange fluids must one come in contact with before they take the L and hire a general contractor.

Another scary moment: There’s a figure standing in the mirror in the shot seen below. Don doesn’t spot it, do you?

Don sees Sarah outside playing with his wonderful, magnificent, perfect pup, Cooper and he invites her inside. Uh oh.

Don gives Sarah a tour of his house like it’s a haunted-ass episode of MTV Cribs. It definitely feels like he’s about to do something stupid.

Dark Sky Films


So Don and Sarah hook up. The next night, she comes back for round two, but Don decides to not cheat on his wife this time! Hooray!

Later that night, Don has a dream that he’s getting intimate with his wife…

His wife turns into Sarah…

And Sarah turns into this pancetta-faced entity.

Dark Sky Films

I’m not even quite sure what it is, but Don wakes up in a cold sweat after hooking up with it in his nightmare.

OK, if you want to watch this movie for yourself without pretty much everything being spoiled, stop here. If you want to continue down the extremely random, profoundly eerie roller coaster that the last hour of this movie is, scroll on!

At 33 minutes in, we’re introduced to Don’s friend, Milo, who comes to help him fix the house up.

I was genuinely enjoying their dynamic, but I won’t delve any further into Milo’s character because the movie didn’t either. Here’s Milo LESS THAN EIGHT MINUTES after he was introduced, being killed off by Sarah.

Dark Sky Films


Sarah had been showing up at Don’s house even though he asked her not to, and she was growing increasingly aggressive, but this confirms that she’s this movie’s antagonist. Milo was in the house alone when Sarah popped up and violently took him out. Then she texted Don from Milo’s phone, so Don thinks Milo is fine.

Don is video-chatting with his wife when she spots something (it’s Sarah) swoop by in the background. Don searches the house but finds nothing. He’s freaked out, so the next morning he changes the locks and installs a camera.


I absolutely hated everything about this moment, so I’ll spare you the details and just say that Sarah killed Cooper in a very, very horrible way. It’s legitimately my least favorite thing from any of the horrors I’ve watched thus far.

Don sees on the camera that Sarah was in his home, so he knows she’s the one who killed Cooper. Sarah shows up and Don tells her he has a gift for her in the kitchen. I think she’s expecting flowers or jewelry, but it turns out all he has is a blunt force object to the back of her head.

After killing Sarah, Don cleans up the mess and stashes her body.

Don leaves for a second and Sarah’s body disappears. Then, Don searches the house for Sara’s body and winds up discovering some disturbing art, and this strange, bloody, organ-like thing breathing in the walls.

He also finds Eight Minute Milo’s body stashed in the walls.

It gets even weirder. Cabinets start opening and shutting, then this thing crawls out of a drawer. It’s a really weird, chopped open face with teeth in places they don’t belong.

The teeth-face person puts a marble inside of Don’s leg for some reason, and he tries to cut it out with a box cutter (it’s super gory). Somehow, the marble scurries up his leg and body, all the way up to his eye.

Don eventually squeezes the marble out.

Dark Sky Films

Why? I don’t know, Don. I don’t know.

The teeth-face person is closing in on Don, then she sends a bunch of marbles into his body.

Liz comes to the house to surprise Don, but he’s nowhere to be found. She goes across the street and talks to the neighbor Ellie. When she comes back, there’s like a weird sex show or something happening, and creepy dudes are watching from a third floor balcony.

Liz finds Don. He’s slashed his body up trying to get the marbles out. Liz is like, “We should leave this house,” and Don is all ,”It’s complicated, I screwed up,” implying that he cheated.

Dark Sky Films

Liz is pissed about his infidelity, but Don is bleeding everywhere. Plus there’s a sex show and creepy dudes right outside the door, so you’d think those things would be bigger priorities but nope.

Don slices his skin off and it turns out it’s Sarah inside? Look, I genuinely don’t know what’s happening anymore, so if you’re reading this asking, “WTF?!” know that I was doing the same as I watched it.

Liz runs off. On her way out, she smashes the teeth-face person’s head with a hammer, because they weren’t letting us out of this movie without another astoundingly gross shot.

We cut six months into the future and…LIZ IS STILL LIVING IN THE HOUSE, NOW WITH HER BABY. Cool. Cool, cool, cool. That’s a totally safe, sensible thing to do.

When Liz leaves the room, we see the baby looking up at the vent, where Don is lurking. END CREDITS.


Dark Sky Films

IS IT MORE GROSS OR SCARY?: I don’t think it will scare most people, but I’m almost certain that there’s at least one scene in this that’ll, at the very least, lessen your appetite.

BEST PART: I’m a fan of Phil ‘CM Punk’ Brooks (Don), and if you are too, you’ll definitely enjoy seeing him show off his acting chops.

WORST PART: Cooper the dog’s death. 100% could’ve done without it.



IS IT WORTH PAYING TO RENT OR BUY?: If you like gore, or CM Punk, or super dark, twisted things, or all of the above, it’s definitely worth renting and watching for yourself. I just need others to tune in so they can explain to me what I’ve witnessed.

SUM THE MOVIE UP IN ONE MOMENT: See screenshot above.


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28 Beauty Hacks That’ll Make Your Life A Lot Easier

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication. 1. Create the perfect cat eye every time with this double-sided…



28 Beauty Hacks That’ll Make Your Life A Lot Easier

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


Create the perfect cat eye every time with this double-sided eyeliner stamp. Use the flatter side to stamp the shape, and then fill in the shape with the pointy to define your line. There are three sizes, so you can draw a baby wing eyeliner or a full-on Amy Winehouse cat eye!

Amazon / Via

The eyeliner comes in three sizes: 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $17.97 (also available in multipack).

Check out BuzzFeed’s full review of the WingLiner Eyeliner Stamp.


Use your toothbrush to give your lips a mini exfoliating treatment. The bristles are the perfect texture to remove dead and rough skin, and your lips will be super soft and smooth afterward.


Or make a DIY lip scrub using equal parts sugar and honey. Apply the scrub to your lips to reveal a new layer of soft skin underneath. The sugar granules will buff away dead skin and the honey with soothe and hydrate.


Achieve the perfect blowout in record time with this multifunctional hot hair brush. It’s designed to de-tangle hair, brush, blow dry, and add volume to hair at the same time.

Amazon / Via

The hair brush has three heat and speed settings and a six-foot power cord for added flexibility and comfort.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $58.47+ (also available in mint).


Use a microfibre towel on your hair to absorb water faster. Microfibre is more absorbent than a traditional towel and is extra gentle, so your hair is safe from breakage, split ends, and frizz. Just wrap up your hair like you normally would and prepare to be amazed.

Amazon / Via

This towel is the ultimate life saver when you only have enough time to wash and go in the morning!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $18.49.


Use a tub of Vaseline to solve a bunch of your common beauty problems. You can spread it around your nails to prevent stray polish from sticking, use a little to tame your brows, or dab some on your lips for emergency lip balm. You can even slather some on your heels before you put on your socks as a mini foot treatment to soften and hydrate dry feet.


Remove blackheads from your nose with a pack of deep-cleansing pore strips. Facial extractions are effective but also seem like a cruel and unusual form of punishment. Pore-cleansing nose strips are painless in comparison and can be done anytime and anywhere.

@bioreus, @bioreus / Via

These nose strips are slightly bigger than most strips and are infused with tea tree oil and witch hazel to absorb dirt and oil.

Get a pack of six on Amazon Canada for $8.97.


Quench your skin’s thirst with a pack of super-hydrating sheet masks. These masks contain hyaluronic acid, which is a miracle molecule that can hold 1,000 times its weight in water. Sit back and let your skin soak up half a bottle of hydrating serum while you relax. You deserve it!

Amazon / Via

The masks are also incredibly gentle so they can be used on almost all skin types. Each one has a unique essential oil or ingredient to treat different skin types like green tea (for oily skin) and chamomile (for sensitive skin).

Get it on Amazon Canada for $29.99 for a pack of six (also available individually).


Apply a pair of gilded eye masks to give your under-eyes the appearance of eight hours of sleep in just 15 minutes. They’re packed with powerhouse ingredients like vitamin C, rose oil, and hyaluronic acid that’ll help reduce fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness. Store them in the fridge until you’re ready to use them for best results.


Use a few unscented baby wipes to remove all your makeup when you’re too lazy to actually wash your face. The wipes are gentle enough to use on your face and you can keep it the package by your bed for easy access.


Or wipe off all your makeup with a soft microfibre facecloth and a bit of water. The cloth works gently to remove makeup, dirt, and excess oil from your face, and can be washed easily by hand or in the washing machine.

Amazon / Via

I love using this on the days when I’m feeling really lazy. Instead of using my usual cleansing oil or micellar water, I can wipe away my makeup with this cloth in a couple of minutes. I also love using it when I do a clay mask. It’s so much easier to get the residual product of my face with the cloth!

Get a pack of four cloths on Amazon Canada for $10.50.


Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to detox your scalp from all the dirt, oil, and dry shampoo that’s built up in your hair over the last few days. This weekly treatment works on all hair types and will leave hair feeling soft, shiny, and light as air!


Or scrub away dead skin cells, dirt, and dandruff from your hair and scalp with this silicone scalp massager. The flexible and extra-durable bristles will gently rub your scalp to relieve tension and promote blood circulation.

Amazon / Via

It’s also water-resistant, so you can bring it in the shower with you!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $3.55+ (also available in teal).


Use these nifty nail clips to help remove your gel manicure. Instead of struggling to wrap and unwrap your nails in aluminum foil, just place your acetone-drenched cotton ball over your nail and clamp the nail clip over to create a perfect seal.

Amazon / Via

If you’ve ever tried to remove a gel manicure at home with foil paper, you can imagine how transformative this set of nail clips will be in your life!

The set comes with ten finger clips, ten toe clips, and a scraper tool to remove the polish once it’s lifted from your nails.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $11.99.


Give yourself a pedicure from the comfort of your own bathroom with an electronic foot file. The cylinder file spins like a tornado to slough off dead skin, so you don’t have to work very hard to reveal the soft baby skin underneath.

Amazon / Via, Amazon / Via

The rotating file is removable, so you can switch it out with a roller refill when you’re ready. And it comes with batteries!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $34.81.


Touch up your brows between appointments with these mini razors. They have an extra slim blade that’ll shape, groom, or touch up brows and fine hairs in minutes.

Amazon / Via

The razor has a guard around the blade to protect the skin and prevent nicks and cuts. It also comes with a protective cap, so you can store it safely in your cosmetic bag.

Get a pack of three on Amazon Canada for $4.79.


Paint anything from dots and lines to flowers and hearts with these best-selling dual-tipped dotting tools. They come in different sizes and have nail brushes on the opposite end, so you don’t have to use the nail polish brush to create fun and intricate designs. You can also dip the brush side in nail polish remover to clean up stray polish around your nail.

Amazon / Via

Create all your fancy nail art with these and when you’re done, just dip the brushes in acetone or alcohol to clean them!

Get a set of five on Amazon Canada for $10.80.


Stick these nail art guiding strips on your nails to create an intricate and drool-worthy nail look. There are over 13 different shapes and designs in the pack, and the strips are also thin enough that you can use multiple ones at the same time. Just make sure your nails are dry before placing the strips on your nails to prevent smudging!


Get every last drop of your beauty products out of the bottle with this super-tiny beauty spatula. The flexible silicone head and long, narrow handle can fit into your favourite makeup and skincare bottles. And when the containers are cleaned out, they’re in the perfect condition to be recycled!


Use a multipurpose jojoba oil to soften skin, hydrate lips and cuticles, nourish hair, and control frizz! Jojoba oil is a gentle, but effective moisturizer you can use practically anywhere on the body, and it will work wonders. Move over coconut oil, because there’s a new oil in town.


Apply your face masks and moisturizer with ease using a flexible silicone face mask applicator. It’s super easy to use and it’ll help prevent your fingers from transferring any oil onto your skin. Plus, keeping your hand from getting messy is a major bonus!

Amazon / Via

Get a pack of three on Amazon Canada for $8.99.


Remove your makeup with a few drops of super-gentle micellar water. Just squirt a little onto a cotton pad, and watch as the micelles help dissolve dirt and oil left on your skin. Plus it’s alcohol free, so it won’t leave your skin feeling tight or dry.


Store your hot hairstyling tools in a heat-resistant silicone sleeve, so you don’t have to wait for them to cool down. The sleeve can withstand temperatures up to 450°F and fits most flat or curling irons, making it easier to use and store your favourite hair tools.

Amazon / Via

Get it on Amazon Canada for $14.59+ (available in five colours).


Apply a single coat of this super-matte liquid lipstick that has such a long-lasting formula, you won’t need to reapply during the day. Seriously, the pigment is so rich, you’re going to need an oil-based makeup remover to get it off. There are a variety of bold, eye-catching shades that will suit your ever-changing makeup mood.


Prime your eyelid with a chunky white eyeliner pencil to make your eye makeup pop with colour. Using a layer of white eyeliner before applying your eyeshadow makes the colour more pigmented, and you’ll save more time and product in the process.


Give your lashes the extra oomph they need by using a heated eyelash curler. It works like an electronic mascara wand to separate the lashes while the heat helps curl them. Or run your blowdryer over your regular eyelash curler for a few seconds to achieve the same result.

Amazon / Via

The curling tool is super lightweight, so you can store in your purse for easy access. You’ll need one AAA battery that you can here.

Get it on Amazon Canada for $20.99.


Dry your makeup brushes upside down using this collapsible drying rack. It’ll hold all your makeup brushes, so you don’t have to leave them on a towel to dry. Keeping them upside down helps your brush dry faster and keeps moisture from damaging the shape and integrity of the brush.

Amazon / Via

There are 28 holes of different sizes and they’re lined with silicone so your brushes won’t slip. And when you’re done, the rack collapses into three flat pieces!

Get it on Amazon Canada for $12.99.


And finally, use a wearable nail polish holder to cradle the bottle with a secure grip, so you don’t have to. Just pop your nail polish and slide on the ring like a piece of jewelry. Now you can paint your nails anywhere without worry about spills or sitting close to a flat surface. Nailed it!

You realizing how much easier your life will be now:

Bunim/Murray Productions

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32 Cute Beauty Stocking Stuffers They’ll Use Pretty Much Every Day

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication. 1. A 10-pack of glittery makeup brushes perfect for a pro-level…



32 Cute Beauty Stocking Stuffers They’ll Use Pretty Much Every Day

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


A 10-pack of glittery makeup brushes perfect for a pro-level makeup artist or a beginner. This set has almost everything they’ll need and it’ll look gorge on their vanity.


This set comes with a powder brush, angled contour brush, foundation brush, nose shadow brush, flat shadow brush, eyeshadow brush, eyebrow brush, lip brush, eyeliner brush, and eyelash/brow-combing brush.

Promising review: “I actually like everything about these brushes! They are really pretty, the case is convenient and cute, and the bristles are very soft and delicately dyed the colors in the handle. They don’t shed on my face and they are so nice. This is my favorite makeup brush purchase and in the past I have paid twice as much for brushes that didn’t impress me like these do.” —Em

Get the set of 10 from Amazon for $12.92 (available in four designs).


A double-ended wing stamp/liner pen so they can create the perfect cat eye without having to redo their entire eye look about five times before finally getting even wings.


Promising review: “Let me start by saying this isn’t my first cat eye rodeo. I’ve tried the taping method, normal liquid liner, plastic winged stamping devices, stencils, all of it! Well, this gem arrived and I immediately had to try it out, all while laughing at how terrible this would probably turn out…but to my surprise I put the left cat eye on first and it was perfect. I thought this was a fluke and did the right eye…again, it came out clean and perfect! I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE BEEN ABLE TO DO A CAT EYE IN UNDER 10 MINUTES, LET ALONE THE TWO MINUTES THIS TOOK TO DO! There were no sloppy streaks that I had to touch up or anything you would expect. Just a clean crisp line. I can now do a cat eye EVERY day and look/feel like a badass. Everyone can think I spend hours doing my makeup in the morning.” —LadyMeow

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $13.97 (available in three sizes).

Read our full rundown on this product in If You Hate Doing Winged Eyeliner, You 100% Need This Cat-Eye Stamp, and see what won best liquid eyeliners at BuzzFeed Reviews.


A set of Mario Badescu mini must-have products, including a facial spray, foaming cleanser, lip balm, and night cream, that’ll rejuvenate their nighttime skincare regimen.

Urban Outfitters

Here are some of the product highlights:

—The soothing facial spray is made with aloe, chamomile, and lavender.

—The glycolic foaming cleanser is meant to gently exfoliate. It’s formulated with chamomile, yarrow, and sage.

—The lip balm is infused with cocoa and shea butters.

—The seaweed night cream can be used on oily, sensitive, or combination skin. It’s lightweight and oil-free and contains bladderwrack, collagen, and elastin.

Promising review: “This is perfect for use before bed. It’s a nice way to wash off the day. And go to bed feel fresh. Great for sensitive skin and in a week I noticed a difference in my skin.” —Jackie813

Get the set from Urban Outfitters for $24.


A set of six vegan essential oil bath bombs for someone who loves to relax in a nice warm bath — or someone who could afford to relax a little more often.


Each bath bomb is packed with organic essential oils like peppermint, sweet orange, lemon, rose, lavender, and citronella essential oils.

Promising review: “Vegan and organic ingredients! They come individually wrapped in a very cute box (I bought it for myself, but it would make a great gift box). My favorite scents so far are definitely rose and lavender. I don’t have a jacuzzi tub or anything fancy, but one bath bomb makes my entire bathroom smell wonderful and my body felt very relaxed after I step out of the tub. I pair this with my essential oils diffuser and it’s basically a spa day for me. My skin felt really smooth after the bath. For the price I think it’s definitely worth it!” —Shiberu

Get a six-pack from Amazon for $13.99.


A budget-friendly Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette so the giftee can have fun experimenting with all kinds of looks, from more neutral ones to bold, smokey ones.,

Promising review: “I’m a pro makeup artist and this palette is better quality than many of higher-end brands. Especially UD, as their palettes are chalky/powdery and have a ton of fallout. I absolutely love CS, their palettes and brushes.” —Deanna Leviso

Get the Revealed Eyeshadow Palettes from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in Revealed, Revealed Smoky Eye, Revealed 2, Revealed 3, Revealed Conceal, and Revealed Matte).


A pack of crease-free hair ties in adorable cookie dough and macaron scents and colors that can help them avoid tangling and hair breakage while wearing their go-to pony.,, Anamaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

Promising review: “Absolutely LOVE this product. Works wonders and really does what it advertises: holds hair very well without damaging it. Heard that if it’s stretched too much you can put it under the sun and it shrinks back! Yay. Also it’s much more hygienic than a regular hair tie. I also use them on my daughter. She loves them because they are easy to remove!” —Amazon Customer

Get the cookie dough hair ties from Amazon for $8 and get the macaron hair ties from Amazon for $10.

Read a full review on why one BuzzFeeder thinks these creaseless hair ties are way better than ordinary hair ties (#1 on the list)!


A Fenty Beauty mini lip and face set, which includes a Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter and a Gloss Bomb, creating the ultimate glam duo to (in the words of Bad Gal Riri) make them shine bright like diamond. ?


These products are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Promising review: “I LOVE this set, I wanted to try each of these individual products but then Fenty came out with this set and I had to buy it. The lipgloss is amazing, it doesn’t feel too sticky and the color is beautiful, I can also feel that it moisturizes my lips and leaves them feeling nourished. The highlighter it absolutely stunning and blinding, I’ve gotten so many compliments on it and a little goes a long way. The color of the highlighter is so beautiful, it’s very golden with a peach hue and shows up very nicely on my fair skin tone and I think this would look good on any other skin tone as well.” —mayalynch

Get it from Sephora for $23.


A Maybelline Makeup Artist Fundle for the artistic makeup lover on your list. This fun set includes a lipstick palette, liquid eyeliner, and a fun mini adult coloring book with crayons so they can express their creativity in multiple ways.


A Tarte Scrub Clean Cleansing Set guaranteed to help them wash away daily grime and feel clean and refreshed.


This set includes travel sizes of:

Cleansing Cutie Scrubber (latex-free!)

Deep Dive Cleansing Gel: formulated with lavender, Vitamin C, and marine plant extracts

Frxxxtion Stick 3-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser

Promising review: “I honestly bought this thinking it would be just a small little something to try once for fun. NOOO. I don’t wash my face without the little pink scrubber. Ever. As in I was out of town and left it and went to the store to get another one. It’s the perfect texture to clean well without feeling like your face is falling off. The stick is my new favorite way to do a mini mask — just glide it on over my face, let it sit for a few minutes, and scrub in the shower. I feel like a new person.” —Gillian A

Get it from Tarte for $9 (originally $12).


A 12-pack of lip glosses in nudes, pinks, reds, and oranges with different opacities and finishes so they can find the perfect shade no matter how they’re feeling that day.


Promising review: “This set has the perfect blend of colors that I can use daily, and they work with most outfits. I love to put them over my lipstick to add extra shine. They’re infused with aloe vera and Vitamin E to make sure my lips stay moisturized on the go, and I’m really happy they’re cruelty free” —Fromgirltogirl

Get a set of 12 from Amazon for $12.74.


A set of Nügg mini wash-off gel masks to help them get clean, dewy, radiant skin. The set includes: a charcoal detox mask for a more clear and matte complexion, an exfoliating face mask to help smooth and brighten, a hydration mask to fill their skin’s water reservoir and leave it dewy, and a revitalizing mask to refresh and help plump the appearance of their skin.


Promising review: “Out of the four masks, the shea chamomile was the best. It hydrated, moisturized, smoothed, and gave my skin a nice glow. I only used about a teaspoon for my whole face (and stored the rest in airtight Tupperware). Left it on for about 15-20 mins, rinsed, let my face dry, applied moisturizer and voila…I was beautiful again!” —Kim

Get a four-pack from Amazon for $14.99.


A pack of four Burt’s Bees moisturizing lip balms in fruity flavors that they’ll want to carry in their purse or backpack to avoid harsh, chapped lips all winter.


This set includes four moisturizing lip balms in Wild Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Coconut & Pear, and Strawberry.

Promising review: “I live for Burt’s Bees. These moisturizing balms are my holy grail for anywhere from the office to nights out. The color is buildable, so you can go sheer or bold. Honestly, the tones blend so well with your natural lips — it’s no thick lipstick! I put it on at the beginning of the day and reapply ever so often — but if I forget the color fades out naturally (no scary lip-liner look!). Honestly ladies, I swear by this product!” —AmazonFangirl

Get it from Amazon for $19.89.,

Promising review: “Here’s the thing: a scrub is never going to solve your blackhead issues long term. But there is truly no other product like this. It’s an amazing quick fix to get your pores unclogged and less noticeable, and once you’ve done that, slap on some retinol/salicylic acid with a moisturizer to prevent those pores from getting nasty again. Adorable packaging, unique product, and it’s effective!” —Molly K. Miller

Get it from Amazon for $12.50.


Promising review: “This is the best liquid blush I have ever used! It doesn’t settle into lines or pores and looks so natural! I also love that I can mix two or more colors together to make a custom color for me!” —Emily

Get it from Glossier for $18 (available in six colors).

For more details and pictures, check out why other BuzzFeeders think Cloud Paint is totally worth your money.


A nail polish holder to gift to someone who is always on top of giving themself a fresh coat of paint. This way they can paint their nails in peace, without accidentally knocking the bottle over on the floor or trying to hold it between their legs.

Promising review: “Where has this been all my life? Definitely helps with DIY nail projects. When I had no idea this polish holder existed, I tried to find creative ways to hold my polish, so that it would be in a convenient spot. However, I never found that really worked for me, or felt comfortable. This holder holds all of my nail polishes easily and is very comfortable to wear. I love that the finger holes on the bottom are not enclosed so you can just pull the holder off without ruining your paint job. Just one tip: move the holder to your pointer finger when doing your thumb.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in 21 colors/patterns).

Check out our deeper dive, “This Nail Polish Holder Will Make Giving Yourself A Manicure So Much Easier,” and learn all about this interesting device!


A Winky Lux Rose Gold Glimmer Balm that comes in a super cute ornament. The unique lip product applies clear and then works with the skin’s pH level to create a perfect shade of pink just for the person wearing it.


Get it from Nordstrom for $16.


Promising review: “This powder is amazing and I cannot speak highly enough about it. I have very oily skin so setting powder is a must for me and this is an extremely amazing powder for baking or overall setting. I personally pair this product with the Covergirl loose setting powder and my makeup looks flawless and lasts all day. I have used this powder over very heavy foundations like Dermablend and have even worn it on top of powder foundation for a little extra coverage and it never looks cakey or dry. The smell of this is amazing and the fallout from container to face is very minimal. Because my skin is oily, I have always struggled when I switch products to keep my skin clear from breakouts, but when I first tried this, I had no breakouts at all. I would easily compare this to the Dermablend loose setting powder on everything except the price, which makes this a steal!!” —Rebecca Roberts

Get it from Amazon for $5.97 (available in six shades, including translucent).

Read more about why people love this affordable powder.


Promising review: “I’ve only had this for about three days and I just can’t stop playing with all the colors. OMG, are the mattes pigmented!! Never have I seen such great mattes in a cheap palette — they’re even hard to find in pricier palettes. So beautiful and versatile. It’s a collection of my FAVORITE shades and I couldn’t be happier!” —Merkury Volkanic

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.


A double-sided compact mirror they can carry around at all times just in case they ever need a quick touch up or face check.


One side is magnified 5x or 10x, and the other side is a regular mirror.

Promising review: “Everything I hoped it would be, and more. Small, lightweight, sleek design, solid construction, and both the regular and the magnifying mirrors deliver clear images. I purchased a similar mirror with high ratings at the same time (I couldn’t decide which to get, so I got both), and this one is the clear winner. In fact, I ordered three more so I could keep one in the car, bathroom, purse, etc.” —Mick

Get it from Amazon for $8.99 (available with two magnifications).


An Essence lengthening mascara to give them a nice dramatic lash, because sometimes that’s all it takes to feel fabulous!

This mascara is my all-time favorite! It really makes my eyes pop and it’s SO affordable! Plus, it’s gluten-free and cruelty-free.

Promising review: “My sister suggested Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect and I IMMEDIATELY fell in love. It provides dramatic length and great volume. I can honestly say I can’t stop looking at my eyelashes in the mirror every single day because of how awesome they look. Also, it is very long wearing. I go from an eight-hour work day right to the gym and sweat like crazy… and this stuff doesn’t budge! I love it!!” —Carrie E Miller

Get it from Amazon for $4.99.


A ColourPop x Disney lipgloss perfect for the beauty guru who is also obsessed with all things Disney. This gloss will give them a subtle shimmer and add a little extra glitz to their everyday look.


Promising review: “I highly recommend this lip gloss or any ColourPop gloss they are very glossy long lasting, shiny, sparkly, and only need to apply on once!” —Sol E.

Get it from ColourPop for $8.


A NYX setting spray to lock their cut crease in place, while keeping their skin hydrated at the same time.


Promising review: “I didn’t expect much from this mist, but I was desperate and the reviews seemed hopeful so I gave it a try. I was not disappointed with this product. My face had become aggravated by the switch from summer to fall because of the loss of moisture in the air and influx of drying winds and also drying indoor heat caused by forced air in the home. All this caused my cheeks to get itchy and dry and irritated. In my desperate effort find some relief I upped my moisture game… The mist is not greasy or heavy it actually feels like water but it provides a nice light shield of moisture, gives a light dewy finish, and slows down the dehydration of the skin. I recommend it and I’d buy again.” —Potatochips101

Get it from Amazon for $4.99.


A Lip Smacker unicorn magic lip balm that’ll make the most adorable stocking stuffer for kids or anyone who grew up collecting all the different Lip Smacker flavors. (We can all agree that Dr. Pepper was the best right?), Amazon

Promising review: “Omg this is so cute and smells and tastes amazing! I bought it for my daughter but I think I need to get one for myself as well.” —leah R

Get it from Amazon for $3.99 (available in five designs/flavors).


Promising review: “I am not a highlighter person, but I had to get this product. The color payoff is unbelievable, you get a lot of product for the price, it’s easy to apply and the color is so unique.” —finessa

Get it from Sephora for $18 (originally $28; available in three shades).


A hair finishing stick to take care of their annoying flyaways and baby hairs within seconds. Plus, it’s made of natural plant ingredients.

Promising review: “I have super fine hair with lots of breakage. No matter how I put my hair up I have bad flyaways. This stuff is great! So easy and it stays better and looks smoother than stiff hair spray.” —Jill Stilfield

Get it from Amazon for $7.98.


A dual-sided TréStique matte lip crayon and balm, because they can use the balm side for some tinted moisturizing or layer it on top of the lip crayon for a more glossy effect., Amazon

The color shown above is “Tuscan Wine.”

Promising review: “It glides on so easy. It’s vibrant, creamy, and long lasting. It doesn’t feel dry on your lips. You can have either matte or glossy lips from the lip balm. Love it!” —Iigoldie

Get it from Amazon for $25 (available in six colors).


A Veque x Peanuts nail polish that’s perfectly pigmented to remind them of their fave character — choose from Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, or Charlie — and it’s a clean, cruelty-free product with the same long-lasting effect of gel.


Get it from Nordstrom for $19 (available in four colors).


A pack of colorful makeup sponges that they can use to flawlessly apply foundation, BB cream, powder, concealer, and more.,

Promising review: I’m honestly really stinking happy with my little sponges. They double in size as soon as you get them damp but they don’t soak up like any of my foundation so nothing goes to waste. It applies my makeup smoothly and works just as well as a Beauty Blender but for a fraction of the price. Totally worth it.” —Corgi Lover

Get a pack of five from Amazon for $8.99.


A paraben- and cruelty-free waterproof eyeshadow primer that’ll help their eye makeup apply better and last longer.,

Promising review: “So let me start by saying I have used nearly every eyeshadow primer available. From high end to low. Mac, Lorac, Urban Decay… they don’t hold a candle to Thank Me Later. I have very oily skin. Using this primer, shadow lasts a full eight hours or more. I could get maybe five or six out of the other brands, if I’m lucky. I got this as a sample in my Ipsy bag, and I had to buy the full-size product straight away! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Thank you Elizabeth Mott for finally making a primer that lasts! I love this stuff!” —Melissa Mae

Get it from Amazon for $13.06.


A Benefit Cosmetics brow gel set including both a full-size and travel-size eyebrow gel so they can get more full and voluminous brows both at home and on-the-go.


Promising review: “Great value set! You get a full size plus a travel size for the price of one! I love this eyebrow gel. It fills the brows and looks super natural.” —Glitterqueen211

Get it from Sephora for $24 (available in eight shades).


A pair of silicone face mask brushes for your friend who is a self-care queen and lives for a good face mask. These will help spread the mask evenly and minimize the mess.

Promising review: “I love these! I no longer dread putting on my face products. I was using my fingers to apply the product to my face, it was so messy and got in my nails too. When I came across these silicone brushes I knew I had to have them. They are amazing and the low price is a steal. These brushes really changed my routine. I use my facial products more often because I’m no longer worried about the annoying mess. The silicone brush is very flexible and spreads the product on my face nicely. Cleaning the brush is a simple task, just rinse and pat dry. Highly recommended!” —Wells Family

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $3.98.


And an Undone Beauty three-in-one lip and cheek palette formulated with coconut extract for a sheer, dewy glow to help liven up their face when it is feeling a bit dull.

Each shade has the three sections (sheer, medium, and intensely opaque) so you can choose the amount of coverage you want! It’s also vegan and cruelty-free.

Promising review: “This is great. I love the three formulas. I like my makeup easy and simple. This goes from almost a gloss to a full, rich lipstick. Lasts all day as a blush and is smooth and creamy as a lipstick. I liked it so much I ordered the other colors. So affordable, too!” —JBE

Get it from Amazon for $14 (available in three shades).

Me looking at all these fabulous products:

Toei Animation

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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22 Products That’ll Help Upgrade Your Life For Under $25

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication. 1. A game-changing wine gadget that’s a stopper, pourer, aerator, filter,…



22 Products That’ll Help Upgrade Your Life For Under $25

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


A game-changing wine gadget that’s a stopper, pourer, aerator, filter, and re-corker all in one and a must-have addition for anyone who drinks wine. It’s only $6, so wine not?


Promising review: “Throw out the others, this is the one. I have a drawer full of wine pour spouts of varying designs. Some don’t fit all bottles, some leak while pouring, and some are so tall that storing upright in a refrigerator is difficult and none seal completely. This spout/stopper seals completely and lets you lay the bottle on its side. The aerator allows air to move back into the bottle while pouring to avoid the ‘glug glug’ effect of other pour spouts. The strainer may filter large cork pieces, but is not fine enough for sediment. The portion of the corker that fits inside the bottle has fit every bottle I’ve tried it in, from standard size bottles to the larger 1.5 liter bottles. It appears to be made from a flexible material that doesn’t add any unwanted taste to the wine. ” —Jack Dallas

Get it from Amazon for $5.56.


A keychain-friendly car escape tool to up your emergency-preparedness game. This tiny miracle has both a seatbelt cutter and a window breaker to get you to safety ASAP.


Check out this review from an actual firefighter with tips on how to use this tool!

Promising review: “Just had to use one of these that I keep on my keychain. I was first on the scene of a nasty wrong-way crash. The driver and a passenger were stuck inside the vehicle. The doors could not be easily opened (on the driver side) so I pulled out my keys and used this tool to pop out the window. It instantly caused the tempered glass to shatter and I knocked the excess away with my flashlight before using a knife to cut away at the airbags. The woman survived and it was incredibly comforting for her to see me face to face and know that she had a way out and that she wasn’t stuck. We waited for a little and paramedics arrived and were able to give everyone the care they needed. This was a real-life scenario and this product worked. Would absolutely recommend.” —Madison

Get it from Amazon for $7.15+ (available in seven colors).


An ingenious blind cleaner brush that’ll make cleaning those hard-to-reach crevices way easier. After all, letting all that dust sit there just because blinds are hard to clean would be downright (window)sill-y.


It comes with five microfiber sleeves!

Promising review: “Where has this blind cleaner been for the past 50 years???? I have struggled to keep my blinds clean for so many years, and happily found this item. It WORKS!!! And I love that it comes with extra sleeves, and the sleeves are machine washable. The handle is plastic, but I feel confident it won’t break any time soon.” —marionvgt

Get it from Amazon for $7.99 (available in two colors).


The BuzzFeed Tasty Dessert cookbook filled with 75 recipes to help you create the same kinds of mouthwatering sweets you see on your feed even if you’re a total baking beginner. Something’s telling me all your friends are gonna want to hang out at your place from now on.


Before you even get to the recipes, the book provides the 411 on everything from common ingredients to types of baking tools to tips all the best bakers should know. Another fun section? “One Brownie 100 Ways,” featuring all the fun add-in ideas you could imagine.

Get it from Amazon for $11.95+.


A cool personal library kit so your friends will never “forget” to return the books they borrow ever again and your collection of favorite tomes will look so much more official.


It includes 20 stick-on pockets, 20 checkout cards, a pencil, a date stamp, and a stamp pad.

Promising review: “I keep all the books I read and at this point, I have way too many books. When I lend them out, I like people to sign their name and the date they read the book, only because I find it interesting if I have an old used book and see the information in it. So I thought these were a cute throwback to the library system I grew up with and people could sign their names on the cards. Great quality — very sturdy, smooth, cardstock-type paper.” —Holly Tracy

Get it from Amazon for $13.78.


Go-with-everything rhinestone earrings that’ll instantly make a sweater and jeans look all ~fashun~ and make you look like you splurged on major bling.,

Promising review: “These earrings are SO classy. I have literally worn them every day since they arrived. A MUST HAVE!” —Kaylynn

Get them from Amazon for $15.90.


A sleek, stackable toiletry jar to make your bathroom counter look as polished as a fancy salon. Fine, I admit it, my current ripped-box-of-Q-tips storage situation is not cute.


One reviewer decided to put the lid on the bottom and keep the top open for pretty makeup brush storage!

Promising review: “I’m so impressed with this cute storage container! It is beautiful — the perfect rose gold, has no scratches, doesn’t look cheap, and is sooooo helpful for storage. I bought two! I’m using one at work to store rubber bands on one side, binder clips on the other side, and paper-clips on the top tray! It goes perfectly with my other rose gold office decor, makes my desk look sleek/cute/trendy, and I’ve gotten compliments. The second one I bought for my vanity to store cotton balls on one side, Q-tips on the other side, and the top open for jewelry or hair clips that I need to just set down somewhere for a short time. Love it! Would totally recommend!” —Triple L

Get it from Amazon for $8.99 (available in 11 colors).


Biodegradable and organic hair ties you can feel way better about than the normal elastics you currently have slapped on your wrist., Amazon

Promising review: “Love these organic, plastic-free hair ties! They’re noticeably thicker and more durable than your generic hair ties, and the added environment-friendly piece is a bonus. They also hold hair well and don’t slip when exercising. Great product and highly recommend!” —Jordan

Get a pack of 27 from Amazon for $14.95.


A LOL-worthy ice cream cozy, aka the product you never knew you needed. Because getting freezing hands can completely ruin the magic of devouring a pint of Ben & Jerry’s while rewatching Queer Eye.


The ideal night.

Get it from Kanudles on Etsy for $10.99. Find more colors and styles here.


An efficient sushi-making tool that couldn’t be easier — you just load it with rice and the filling of your choice, close it up, and shoot out a roll that’s ready to be wrapped and cut into maki. If you’re tired of your meal prep being limited boring salads and pasta, this’ll rock (and ~roll~) your world.


It also comes with a mat to wrap your creation in nori!

Promising review: “I honestly wasn’t expecting it to work as well as it did. It makes making sushi something you don’t even think about, rather than a whole day event you have to plan for. I make it for work every day now, and it’s easy enough that if I have the rice made the day before, I can even make it last-minute that morning. You just put the ingredients in and the device does the rest, and it comes out in a perfect, easy-to-work-with roll, just like the commercials promise. Kind of like an icing gun, but for sushi. Probably will buy again since they make a wonderful gift for lazy sushi lovers. If you buy take-out regularly, this thing pays for itself in no time.” —Amanda

Get it from Amazon for $9.88.


A set of adorbs owl planters to add a distinguished sense of wisdom to your space, and to prove to your always-dying plants that you truly ~give a hoot~ about them.

Promising review: “These little owl planters are super adorable (without being too cutesy) and nice quality. They are small though. The opening in the top is about 1.5 to 1.75 inches. It’s a nice size for small succulents. They also have that oh-so-important drainage hole. I love them and may buy more to use as gifts.” —Mich81

Get a set of six from Amazon for $17.99.


A handy book stand that over 1,000 reviewers swear by for keeping textbooks, tablets, cookbooks, and notes (*extremely Jesse McCartney voice*) right where you want them.,

It’s adjustable and can be set to five different angles!

Promising review: “I’ve never had a cookbook stand before. Why have I never had a cookbook stand before?!?!?! You know that dance of trying to hold a cookbook open while keeping all the flour on your hands away from it? Have you ever tried to balance two cans (or whatever else is handy) on a book so that you can still see the recipe? Have you ever spun around your kitchen, looking for your phone for the fourth or fifth time that recipe, just to verify that you needed a teaspoon and not a tablespoon? Have you ever tried to prop a floppy printout on a mixing bowl? Well, maybe I’m just a real-life informercial, but I sure struggled with all those and more. This thing has earned a permanent spot on my very limited counter space (although it folds up easily to a slim shape, so it’s easy to tuck away). The range of angles is perfect for anyone at sitting- or standing-height. The bamboo is beautiful and the metal accents are subtle. The black ‘hands’ are perfect for holding open books that range from a thick textbook-y tome to a small magazine. It’s easy to rest a phone, iPad, book, sheet of paper, whatever for reference. I’ve used it for about a month, but it feels solidly built and like it’ll last for years. It better, because I’m in love.” —L. Smith

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.


Genius pant waist extenders perfect for making those old jeans that are just a little too tight comfy again or making your trousers work during early pregnancy or after a medical procedure, without having to buy a new pair.


Promising review: “They work great. I had a kidney transplant and the new kidney was put in around waistline, which made all my pants tight. I have several pairs I would’ve had to replace, but waist extenders did the trick.” —jde

Get a pack of 13 (with a mix of hooks and buttons) from Amazon for $18.95.


OPI ProSpa Nail & Cuticle Oil to banish the cracking cuticles that, up until this point, you’d just accepted as a fact of winter.

You can also get a version that comes in a traditional nail-polish bottle!

Promising review: “I’ve been using this oil almost every night for several months now and it works great. My cuticles used to be so dry and cracked from constant handwashing (I’m an elementary school teacher, so I’m always scrubbing my hands!), but I’ve seen a huge improvement since I started using this oil.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.


It’s got an optional chain strap!

Get it from Boohoo for $8 (originally $25).


A tube of hair finishing cream to tame flyaways and get an updo so perfect that Audrey Hepburn herself would be shook.


Promising review: “This hair finishing stick is perfect for people who need to have their hair completely out of their face. I coach figure skating, and during competitions my students need a clean, every-hair-in-place look. I grabbed this gel to try it out on them and it’s great! It’s not sticky at all and the mascara-like brush does a fantastic job of grabbing all the little flyaway hairs and keeping them in place. I also liked that it didn’t leave a crunchy, gel-like look. And it smells so good! Very light scent but you can tell it’s there. It’s a product my students will now keep in their skating bags!” —Gwen Merecky

Get from Amazon for $7.98.


Miraculous NYX glitter primer so you can actually rock a glam makeup look without shedding glitter all day or having your look be ruined by the time you leave the dance floor.,

Promising review: “This stuff is the bomb! I LOVE glitter and have tried a few other types of primers and they were meh at best. This primer holds all my fun loose glitter and makes my makeup looks complete and sparkly! Not only does it hold my gorgeous glitter, but it holds it well! I can go out dancing and sweating and my glitter stays put AND I don’t have to scrub my delicate skin to get it off. A simple facial oil and it comes right off!” —Cat

Get it from Amazon for $4.55.


Athletic ankle socks that aren’t just regular socks, they’re upgraded socks. They’re cushioned and ventilated to make your workouts more comfortable — because you don’t need sweaty feet on top of your spin instructor yelling at you.


Promising review: “Very comfortable socks. I’ve worn these since I started working out three days a week, and no more blisters.” —Tina

Get them from Athleta for $13 (available in two sizes and six colors).


A gorgeous hand lettering workbook here to teach you how to DIY all kinds of cool fonts for signs, cards, or just something to brag about to your coworkers.


Promising review: “Not only is this introductory book beautifully put together, but the author helps you to build your own beautiful style! She provides easy-to-follow guides and plenty of room to practice, plus references for different alphabet styles that I continuously look at to practice lettering. I’ve been practicing lettering for a while and have picked up a couple books here and there to practice with, but this book really took my hand lettering to the next level physically and confidence-wise. I also really appreciate that it has good quality paper to practice on, as I’ve used other books with poor quality paper that has ruined some of my pens. Definitely recommend this to any and especially new hand-letterers!” —Melissa

Get it from Amazon for $17.99.


Promising review:I’ve FINALLY found a lip scrub that can actually deal with the enormity of my dry lip problem. I compulsively rub my lips together all day long. As a result, I don’t just have chapped lips, but closer to calluses. I have EVERY lip exfoliator on the market. The only one that made some improvement was Bite’s lip scrub combined with their new overnight balm. Fenty’s scrub isn’t bitter like Bite’s aftertaste can be, and its scrubby bits stay put so you can ACTUALLY get a scrubbing action. When using this, roll the product up just a millimeter or so. DON’T roll up the entire product or, of course, it will break off just like any other lip tube product. A millimeter is all you need and just run it back and forth over your lips. Adjust the pressure to fit your needs. Simple. I’ve been using it tons since I got it and I’ve barely used any of it. It may not have a lot of product, but I think it will last me quite a long time. And it has a delicious, delicate banana flavor! Love it!!!!!” —ReluctantSpllCk

Get it from Sephora for $16.


Fun climber-shaped wall hooks to make your closet or doorway look like a modern art installation (and actually motivate you to hang up your stuff instead of tossing it on a chair like usual).


They come with hanging instructions and all the hardware you need to mount them, and they can support up to five pounds!

Promising review: “I love these things! I wanted something a little more stylish than coat hooks on the wall in our rather attractive front entry. I have to say, these look pretty cool and we’ve had lots of compliments. Oh, and they do work well.” —DOC

Get a set of three from Amazon for $19.50+ (available in five colors).


And a must-have sticker for the new year, because the upgrade we all really need in 2020 is a new president.


All your friends when they see you with this new stuff:


The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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