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October 27, 2019 0

The Death of Cars Was Greatly Exaggerated

By osvaldoreed6

Throw your driver’s license out the window. Better yet, don’t get one at all.For nearly a decade, that’s been the message from buzzy transportation companies. In 2011, car-sharing company Zipcar touted a study claiming millennials believe car ownership is difficult. The same year, Zimride, founded by the guys who would later cofound Lyft, was touted…

October 27, 2019 0

The Former Soviet Union’s Surprisingly Gorgeous Subways

By averyodriscoll7

At the height of the Soviet Union, just 30 in every 1,000 Soviet citizens owned a car. Even the scrappiest lemons cost a fortune, so instead of driving to work, lots of people took the subway—which, turns out, was a bit more glamorous than you might imagine.Chris Herwig rode the rails for his new book Soviet Metro…