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March 11, 2020 0

The Atlantic Ocean’s ‘Conveyor Belt’ Stirs Up a Science Fight

By kittyhogan64599

Smack dab between eastern Canada’s Misery Point and Greenland’s Cape Desolation is a place where the thrashing of the Atlantic Ocean’s churn sounds about as friendly as the nearby place names. This stretch of water, the Labrador Sea, has long been considered a critical junction in the global circulatory system of the world’s oceans. By…

March 11, 2020 0

Joanna Russ Was Sci-Fi’s Most Outspoken Feminist

By yasminshiels53

Skip Article Header. Skip to: Start of Article. Illustration: Elena LaceyJoanna Russ, author of novels such as The Female Man and We Who Are About To, was the most outspoken feminist in the history of science fiction. Gwyneth Jones spent five years researching a book about Russ, which was recently published as part of the…

March 11, 2020 0

In Human Nature, Crispr’s Origin Story Comes to Life

By randisampson109

Midday light streams through the windows of the Stanford Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, California. In a bed too big for his child-sized body, David Sanchez sleeps among a tangle of tubes plugged into a port in his chest. A machine nearby draws blood out of his veins, exchanging his deformed red blood cells for…

March 11, 2020 0

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener: Features, Release Date, Price

By lheinez647589028

My hair is curly, coarse, and thick. Some days that feels like a blessing; other days it’s a curse.Taming it by flat ironing isn’t fun. It’s tiring and can hurt. Cheap designs—which don’t always have a cheap price—pull strands of my hair as I pass the iron through. I can’t count how many times I’ve…

March 11, 2020 0

How a Street-Smart Supercar Got Ready for the Racetrack

By caitlynoug

Late in the night at Daytona International Speedway last month, a January chill settles over the usually warm Florida coast that hosts the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona endurance race. Just under the halfway point, in the garages and pit lanes of the Acura race teams, something equally discordant has materialized: Nothing. It was quiet,…

March 11, 2020 0

Forget Chess—the Real Challenge Is Teaching AI to Play D&D

By shanamullet969

Fans of games like Dungeons & Dragons know that the fun comes, in part, from a creative Dungeon Master—an all-powerful narrator who follows a storyline but has free rein to improvise in response to players’ actions and the fate of the dice.This kind of spontaneous yet coherent storytelling is extremely difficult for artificial intelligence, even…

March 11, 2020 0

Space Photos of the Week: Triton and Io, Here We Come

By candidabaskin

Last week NASA announced four finalists for its budget-friendly series of Discovery class missions. The first is called VERITAS (stand for Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, InSAR, Topography, and Spectroscopy), which would orbit Venus and map the surface of this hot world. Another possible Venus mission called DAVINCI+ (Deep Atmospheric Venus Investigation of Noble gases, Chemistry,…

March 11, 2020 0

Recycled Nuclear Waste Will Power a New Reactor

By averyodriscoll7

Idaho National Laboratory sprawls across nearly 900 square miles in the southeastern corner of its namesake state. Home to America’s first nuclear power plant, INL has served as the proving grounds for the future of nuclear energy technology for decades. Along the way, the lab has generated hundreds of tons of uranium waste that is…

March 11, 2020 0

A Star’s Auroras Light the Way to a New Exoplanet

By veta38a347

Jupiter’s moon Io—the solar system’s most volcanic world—has inspired a new way to find distant exoplanets. As the moon orbits Jupiter, it tugs on the planet’s magnetic field, generating bright auroras in Jupiter’s atmosphere. Even if we couldn’t see Io itself, the enormous auroras, pulsing to the beat of a hidden orbiting body, would tell…

December 5, 2019 0

We’re All ‘P-Hacking’ Now

By jermaine96f

It’s got an entry in the Urban Dictionary, been discussed on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, scored a wink from Cards Against Humanity, and now it’s been featured in a clue on the TV game show Jeopardy. Metascience nerds rejoice! The term p-hacking has gone mainstream.Results from a study can be analyzed in a…