Gaby’s Guide to Mexico City

Gaby’s Guide to Mexico City

January 16, 2020 0 By

It’s time to relive the most incredible taco crawl of my life with my guide to Mexico City! 

Gaby's Guide to Mexico City (@whatsgabycookin)Gaby's Guide to Mexico City (@whatsgabycookin)

If you’re not on instagram, you might have missed the taco extravaganza that happened a few weeks ago when Thomas and I went to Mexico City. It was truly spectacular. We ate our way through the entire city and got our fill of incredible, colorful, flavorful food. We were there for 4 days, which is NOT enough time to try everything obviously, but we did our very best. 

Gaby's Guide to Mexico City (@whatsgabycookin)Gaby's Guide to Mexico City (@whatsgabycookin)

Here’s the deal… the food in Mexico City is insane. Some of the best food I’ve had all year. The tacos, quesadillas, tortillas, salsas etc… blew my mind. The cocktails are top notch. The city is huge so be prepared to walk // which is also good considering how much you’re going to eat. All in all it’s the perfect place to go for a long weekend when you’re looking for some incredible eats. 

Gaby's Guide to Mexico City (@whatsgabycookin)Gaby's Guide to Mexico City (@whatsgabycookin)

Below you’ll find a map of all our favorite places to eat / drink, our hotel which was incredible and the tour group we used for the taco crawl. I always recommend using a tour guide at least for a day in a new city so you can really get the lay of the land! Any questions / recommendations / comments, should it out in the comments below! Happy traveling! 

Gaby’s Guide to Mexico City… Restaurants // Bars // Tacos Stands

  • El Turix – Best cochinita pibil in the city! Go for the tacos.
  • Farolito – it’s a chain but we went the night we landed when everything else was closed and the tacos al pastor were bomb!
  • Los Cocuyos – fav tacos of the entire trip!! Worth the trek downtown and the perfect way to end the taco portion of your taco crawl.
  • El Moro – churros to end all churros
  • Lardo – if you’ve overdosed on tacos, this is the place for a lighter more mediterranean vibe!
  • Contramar – a restaurant dedicated to seafood that is not to be missed. Tuna Tostadas were unreal!
  • Jenni’s Street Quesadillas – honestly if I could have a quesadilla from here on a daily basis, nothing would make me happier!
  • Rosette Bakery – best guava pastry of my life!
  • Taqueria Orinoco – another chain but INCREDIBLE tacos and salsas!
  • Huaracheria Doña Luz – when you need something other than a taco, this is where you should go for Huaraches
  • Taqueria El Califa – another chain but OMG it’s good. Chain restaurants are clearly done well in CDMX
  • Masala y Maiz – more upscale than everything mentioned so far and worth it if you want to have a fun mexican/indian vibed dinner!
  • Hotel Condesa DF Rooftop bar – great bar on the rooftop deck with fun views!
  • Pujol – if you’re feeling the fine dining vibe with a tasting menu, this is the place to go! Book WAAAAAY ahead though as it’s incredibly popular!
  • Fonda Fina – seasonal Mexican food with a flare! Super pretty!
  • El Huequito – best al pastor in the entire city!
  • Super Tacos Chupacabras – you guessed it! MORE TACOS!
  • Molino el Pujol – if you can’t get into Pujol but want to try the highlights from the menu…. swing by this place for a taste!
  • La Docena – another great option when you’re over the tacos – go here for oysters and a drink!

Markets // Sights

  • San Juan Market 
  • Palace of Fine Arts
  • Frida Kahlo Museum
  • Coyoacan Market

Taco Crawl Guide: we used Club Tengo Hambre which was amazing. We did a private tour which is a little more expensive but really special because we got to customize exactly what we wanted to do! Highly recommend. 

Hotel: Las Alcobas is so so so special. It’s right in the heart of Polanco which is a very safe and pretty neighborhood lined with parks and every store you could imagine! Tres chic! 

Any other recs, drop them below!!