What Beauty Hack Saved Your Morning Routine?

What Beauty Hack Saved Your Morning Routine?

October 24, 2019 0 By faithsmathers01

If you’ve ever put makeup on, you know that it can be a long and involved process.

You’d love to do a full face every day, but you just don’t have time.


Do you have time to blend your eyeshadow into a perfect cut crease every day? I certainly don’t.

So you rely on hacks that make your beauty routine a little bit quicker.

Maybe you use the end of a bobby pin to get that perfect cat-eye.

Jennifer Chiu / Via youtube.com

You want that liner sharp enough to scare off your enemies, but no way are you about to put tape on your sensitive skin. No ma’am.

It’s possible you are a bold soul who repurposes your lipstick as blush, brow pencil as contour, or mascara as brow gel.

Yana Irbe

Anything goes in the interest of saving a few precious seconds and dollah dollah bills.

Or maybe you are super serious about curling your lashes and hold those babies in place with some hair gel.

No matter what it is, if it works for you we want to hear about it. Use the dropbox below to add your unconventional beauty hack and you might be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!