Your Gift Guide for Scorpio, the Sign of Death, Rebirth, and Horniness

Your Gift Guide for Scorpio, the Sign of Death, Rebirth, and Horniness

October 27, 2019 0 By rafnathan37197

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Scorpios might be brooding and mysterious, but even they aren’t too cool for gifts! The surest way to bring the sweetness out of a scorpion is to surprise them with a thoughtful present. Scorpios love receiving things that are sentimental and rare. Below, we’ve compiled some ideas.

Scorpio is an intuitive water sign, and most are curious about the occult, and the veil is thin during their season! This means it’s easier to connect with spirits on the other side—for better or worse! A Ouija board can help, but always do a proper banishing ritual before and after using it to protect yourself from potential negative entities…if your Scorpio friend believes in that kind of thing!

Ouija board

They may enjoy gifts to show their sign off, like this death-themed necklace, or a beautiful, dark “shadow crown” because Scorpio’s ruling planet is Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. For something more subtle, a scorpio pendant.

Skull necklace
Shadow crown
Scorpio necklace

Scorpio is symbolized by the scorpion, which can be found in the desert. This mesmerizing shifting sand art would be a perfect statement piece for your Scorpio friend’s living space.

shift sand art

The phoenix, a bird from greek mythology that dies in a burst of flames and is then reborn, is a symbol for transformation, a theme deeply tied to Scorpio. Get your Scorpio friend this phoenix candle or pendant for rebirth, magic, and healing.

Phoenix candle
Phoenix pendant

To match the season’s themes of death and rebirth, it’s probably no surprise that mysterious Scorpios also love to shroud themselves in wine red, autumnal oranges, muddy brown, and mystical purples—and they like silks and velvets!

Velvet tote

Most Scorpios have gone through a goth or metal phase, if they aren’t still in one! Anything studded or in black leather is sure to delight them, like this studded bag or a classic biker jacket in real or faux leather:

studded cross body bag
Biker jackets real and faux leather
Biker jackets

Reconnecting with nature helps Scorpio remember what’s important in life, and provides a fun way for them to bond with their friends, whether they’re going to the botanical gardens to sketch or taking a hike with their crew. Take your Scorpio friend on a tour of a garden like the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers (or somewhere local), where you can book this private tour by horticulture experts, including some seasonally-scary sounding carnivorous plants, complete with a visit to a beer garden!

Botanical beer garden

For something a little different, pick up a Scorpio-worthy picnic backpack in black, or this travel bar with chambers and leather straps, to have lunch in a graveyard in the spirit of Halloween (probably one of your Scorpio friend’s favorite holidays).

picnic backpack
Picnic bar

You can also help your Scorpio friend get festive with these or a pumpkin scent for the bathroom. This black cat candle melts to reveal a metal skeleton.

Cat candle
floral snake stud earrings

If your Scorpio friend is into something even more adventurous, help them prepare with a survival kit tucked inside a military grade aluminum flashlight.

survival kit

While Scorpios love an adventure, they crave control and comfort in their surroundings. Gift them something that helps them carve out their own space while they’re away from home, like a portable espresso maker so they can have quality espresso anywhere.

Nanopresso espresso maker

Noise-canceling headphones can help them tune out strange noises:

noise cancelling headphones

A cute frame lets your Scorpio friend bring something along that reminds them of home while they’re away:

Photo frame

Travel-friendly loungewear that is packable and washable, so they feel comfortable in any new place:

Washable silk loungewear

Scorpios who prefer to stay in can still get in touch with nature. These plushy, nature-inspired “stone” pillows are great as floor cushions for hanging at home with friends:

stone floor pillows

Each zodiac sign rules a body part, and regenerative Scorpio’s is the genitals. Your Scorpio friend may enjoy this beautiful illustration by Robin Eisenberg, the artist whose illustrations can be found in Astro Guide, or something sexy like innovative condoms or lingerie with an edge.

Blood moon by Robin Eisenberg
Hex condom
Constellation Bodysuit

Even people who aren’t familiar with astrology know that Scorpio is a sexy sign. Hook them up with some items for whatever their preference is in the bedroom, like a luxurious rabbit vibrator, cock ring, or prostate massager.

Scorpio is known by astrologers as the detective of the zodiac. Themes like security and privacy are important to them, so they’ll appreciate a tool that helps keep their digital life on lockdown.

Last Pass password manager

If your Scorpio friend wants to take their investigation skills up a level, they may enjoy taking an online course on computer forensics.

Computer forensics course

For entertainment, they may enjoy a good murder mystery like this set by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

Robert Galbraith novels

All Scorpios fantasize about revenge! Get them a classic revenge story, or make them a mixtape (playlist) with the best revenge hits. For some inspiration, check out Astro Guide’s Scorpio season playlist.

Count of Monte Cristo

Scorpios are fascinated by money. As the sign of death, they know they “can’t take it with them,” but they still enjoy reading about it, especially when it comes to things like long-term financial planning and foreign currency. They may enjoy this memoir in which Andre Iguodala parlayed income from his career as an NBA player into tech investments and his other passions.

Sixth Man

Intuitive Scorpio is fascinated by psychology, and also by communication. Your Scorpio friend may enjoy reading up on psychic self-defense or essential negotiation strategies.

Psychic self-defense
The Essentials of Job Negotiations

Scorpios love having high-tech home goods that no one else owns. They’ll love showing off a robotic bartending system they can load up with liquor and mixers, that makes drinks to order in seconds. If they have a cat, they’ll be dazzled by this futuristic looking, WiFi-enabled, self-cleaning litter box.

Robot Bartender

For something less bulky but still impressive, your Scorpio may like this automatic pan stirrer.

Automatic pan stirrer

Scorpios are hugely creative! Get them something that helps expand their imaginations, like this painting set inspired by Bob Ross (who was a Scorpio) or box full of ideas.

Boss Ross paint set
Spark ideas box

Scorpios love to be challenged by martial arts, boot camp, or survival-style workouts. The sign is also ruled by warrior planet Mars, and the planet of destruction, Pluto, so remind them how unfuckwithable they are, with an open ticket to participate in a Tough Mudder challenge next year!

Tough Mudder

Scorpios may also overexert themselves and end up dealing with swelling or headaches. Learning to slow down and unwind is also important! This on-the-spot relief for headaches is a great thing for Scorpios to have on hand.

Origins Peace of Mind

Scorpios are intrigued by fate! Gift this astrology book about the nodes, that explains the key to discovering hidden talents, deep desires, and true life purpose, to help your Scorpio friend explore their destiny.

Astrology for the Soul

Transformation is a major theme for Scorpio. Breathwork is a powerful modality for inner-healing and reconnection to self and spirit.

Breathwork office

Scorpios have very intense emotions, which they can ride more easily when they’re connected to the present moment and their surroundings. Meditation can help them achieve that! A meditation bench can help them create a space for it at home, but there are also tools to take the practice with them wherever they go.

Meditation bench
Meditation kit

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